HOME AT THE CLIFFS: Carlos & Nancy Avila / The Cliffs at Keowee Falls

Newlyweds Nancy and Carlos Avila are excited for what their next chapter holds. The couple are looking forward to moving from Las Colinas, Texas to The Cliffs at Keowee Falls once their home is built. “Carlos introduced me to the area, and I fell in love with The Cliffs,” says Nancy. With their shared love of golf and the outdoors, Nancy and Carlos believe life at The Cliffs will suit them perfectly.


Cliffs Living: How did you meet?
Carlos: At the time we met, I was a member at Colleton River Club in Bluffton, South Carolina and Nancy at the Four Seasons Golf and Sports Club in Las Colinas. We met at Colleton River when Nancy was visiting our mutual friends and we have been inseparable ever since.
Nancy: I had never imagined meeting someone so handsome, kind, and patient. Let alone in South Carolina when I lived in Texas! We have similar values, enjoy traveling, and love to be together.


Cliffs Living: What do you do for a living?
Nancy: I joined McKesson in 2020 as their Chief Information Technology Officer.
Carlos: I recently joined Accenture as a Security Sales Director.


Cliffs Living: Do you have children?
Nancy: We have a blended family with four adult kids. My three live in Chicago; one is married, and another engaged. It’s great fun to get all of our kids and their special partners together for gatherings.
Carlos: My son lives in Los Angeles. He moved there six years ago and loves it. He and his partner have enjoyed visiting us and getting to know Nancy’s kids. They had the most fun table at our wedding. We love that they get along so well.


Cliffs Living: You’re both avid golfers. Was that part of the draw to living at The Cliffs?
Carlos: The course at The Falls, being one of two Nicklaus Signature courses at the Cliffs, was definitely a draw. It is definitely challenging and we’re looking forward to improving our game, as we will play it often. We will be on the water and being able to get to the Vineyards and Springs by boat is something we and our kids are looking forward to. I’ve played all the courses, but Nancy has only played the Vineyards.


Cliffs Living: What are you most looking forward to about living at Keowee Falls?
Nancy: While there is so much to do [at Keowee Falls], there is a special sense of peace and calm at the Cliffs that you don’t get in a city.
Carlos: What we’re looking forward to the most is connecting with the community. We both enjoy entertaining and are looking forward to establishing new relationships with our neighbors.


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