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The Cliffs Valley Unveils $500,000 in Golf Course Enhancements

After a 15-week renovation, we are pleased to announce that The Cliffs Valley golf course has reopened for play! 

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7 Questions with Eric Cooperman, The Cliffs Director of Beverage

The Cliffs is home to an amazing family of not only members, but also an astounding team devoted to delivering amazing experiences whether on the course or courts, in the Wellness Center or the dining room and beyond.

One member of this passionate team of professionals is Eric Cooperman, The Cliffs Director of Beverage. Whether you’re a foodie, budding oenophile or full-blown wine connoisseur sharing Eric’s passion for the fruit of the vine, you’re sure to have seen Eric around our communities or attended one of his invigorating wine dinners. But if you’ve yet to have met Eric, let us introduce you. We recently asked him seven questions about his career in the world of wine, the most memorable glass he’s ever had and what he’s most looking forward to during The Cliffs WINE + FOOD 2017

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