Change is Coming: Renovations and New Amenities at The Cliffs

What to Look Forward to as a Member of The Cliffs

The Cliffs is devoted to providing its members with the best of the best. All amenities and services are tailored to the needs and personal tastes of our community patrons. To better serve members such as yourself, new amenities and upgrades have been set in motion for the upcoming year. 

Take a look at the changes happening at The Cliffs, and what you can look forward to as a community member at one of our seven communities. 

1. Renovations to The Cabin at Mountain Park at The Cliffs

Renovations to The Cabin at Mountain Park are finally underway! Community residents will be able to enjoy more space and upgrades to their favorite community hub. 

At the moment, members typically come to The Cabin for a casual clubhouse experience. The bar and wraparound porch make it the go-to spot for a post-round cocktail or beer to finish off a day on the course. In terms of improvements, an updated floor plan will provide more seating areas for members to continue enjoying this beautiful gathering space.

Check for periodic updates on renovations and further ways members will be able to utilize this venue. 

2. Introducing The Lake Club at The Landing at Keowee Springs

A new amenity named The Lake Club is coming to The Landing at Keowee Springs at The Cliffs. Renderings provided by Lake|Flato Architectural Firm showcases a beautifully designed clubhouse with a modern style that reflects the lakefront homes of the area. Multiple swimming pools and a wellness center on the second level will make the neighborhood feel all-inclusive, with several high-end amenities in one place for ease of access. 

3. A New Clubhouse at Keowee Springs at The Cliffs

Big things are also coming to the Keowee Springs community as a whole. A grand clubhouse is set to be finished by the end of 2022. The team at Hart Howerton has designed a stunning amenity space for the community to appreciate for years to come. Wellness facilities, dining options, and event spaces will provide a comprehensive club experience. 

Upon completion, The Porch will house golf instruction and racquet sports, and other sporting amenities. 

Relish in the Amenities at The Cliffs

Grand clubhouses and high-end wellness facilities are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the offerings here at The Cliffs. With so much to do within each community’s gates alone, it’s no wonder why we are growing. 

As our community welcomes more residents, we see lasting relationships being built. Our goal here at The Cliffs is to continue fostering positive experiences by providing our members with incredible opportunities that can’t be found anywhere else. 

If you are currently searching for your dream home, consider one of the seven luxury communities at The Cliffs. Each region provides you with a distinct lifestyle while giving you access to what all the communities have to offer. 

Take a chance and contact us to learn more about living at The Cliffs. With such an excellent standard of living, community members, both part- and full-time, are so in love with their community, they rarely want to leave. We wish the same for you. 

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