Happy Father’s Day

“A father is someone you look up to no matter how tall you grow.” —Unknown


Whether you are on the course or on the lake this weekend, we hope you are spending time with your dad. Here’s to a great Father’s Day – not only our wonderful members who are dads but also to our hard-working employees. We wanted to highlight some sons and a daughter who are following in their father’s footsteps. We sat down to ask them what it was like to work with their dad at The Cliffs. 


Son – Matthew | IT Specialist, The Cliffs Corporate Office
Father – Frank |  Facilities Maintenance Director, The Cliffs Valley

My father has worked at The Cliffs for a while and was the one who encouraged me to apply for a job here. I look up to my father because he can fix about anything – which makes him very good at his job. And if he can’t fix it, he will figure out how to do it. 


Son – Matthew | Development Manager, The Cliffs Corporate Office
Father – Phil | Senior Development Manager, The Cliffs Corporate Office

*Phil is planning to retire this year

Some of the perks of working with my dad include knowing that I am getting the best education possible in my field from a tenured employee that is specific to my department and company. Getting 25+ years of knowledge being passed down will only benefit my understanding of the role and knowing that he is only a phone call away, provides confidence in my role going forward. Ultimately, I know he wants me to succeed and will be there to support me, no matter what!  My dad has an incredible work ethic. Not only is he one of the first to show up and last to leave, but he also takes pride in getting the job done right and promptly.  


Daughter – Vanessa  | Wellness Director, The Cliffs Valley
Father – Francis | Executive Chef, The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards

Working at The Cliffs with my dad is great. I think it’s cool that we both get to be part of the same company working essentially towards the same thing but in different departments. IIt’s a great representation of my siblings and I seeing how hard our dad has worked our whole life and knowing he’s instilled that in us and we get to be part of it together. This is one of the things that makes me so proud of my dad and now that he is instilling this in my kids as well as a wonderful “pop pop.”

Happy Father’s Day!

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