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Sesh Kamireddi learned to fly a decade ago to have the freedom and flexibility to travel anywhere. He and his family’s newest destination will be their soon-to-be built second home at The Cliffs at Glassy. Sesh and his wife, Madhavi, flew their plane to Greenville last spring to visit Glassy and purchased a lot shortly thereafter. The couple sees their residence at The Cliffs as a place to unwind, enjoy the community’s amenities, and make memories with their daughters.


Cliffs Living: Tell us a little about your family and what you both do for a living.

Answer: Madhavi: We have two daughters. Neha, 23, completed her undergrad in biomedical engineering from Drexel University in Philadelphia and is applying to medical school. Maya, 19, is a sophomore at Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York, majoring in marine science. I am a psychiatrist with a private practice in Massachusetts. Sesh recently joined Red Hat as an enterprise sales executive after working as a client director for IBM for 25 years.


Cliffs Living: What initially drew you to Glassy?

Answer: Madhavi: We were looking for a second home in a place with a warmer climate. We liked the location and the mountain views from The Cliffs and purchased a lot in the spring last year. 


Cliffs Living: Do you have plans to begin building your home?

Answer:  Sesh: We plan to build our home this year. We will be splitting our time between our Massachusetts residence and The Cliffs hopefully by the end of 2023.


Cliffs Living: What are you most looking forward to experiencing at Glassy once your home is complete?

Answer: Madhavi: Both of us play tennis and pickleball so we’re hoping to join a team or play for fun.

Sesh: We will be playing tennis, hiking, enjoying dinners, and all that is available once we move there. Our daughters will be visiting us on breaks from college.


Cliffs Living: We’d love to hear more about your plane and what you enjoy about flying.

Answer: Madhavi: Sesh owns a 1993 Bonanza A36 and has acquired his instrument and commercial ratings.

Sesh: I like to fly anytime there’s an opportunity to go somewhere like picking up our daughters from college or just somewhere fun for lunch. We are definitely looking forward to more fun trips to Glassy! 


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