It’s Member Tournament Time

Interclub golf tournaments fuel member’s competitive spirit at The Cliffs. 

Golf is known by many to be merely a leisurely walk in nature. But not by members at The Cliffs. Facilitating creative tournaments where members can compete for bragging rights amongst other members from different clubs has become a catalyst as we continue to advance our offerings with respect to vying for titles.

reign of the region golf tournament logo

“Our team has worked diligently to create new and exciting tournaments to fuel the competitive fire of our members who are golf enthusiasts,” said Rob Duckett. “Our goal is to continue to develop our tournament programming to offer an array of unique golf experiences to match the diversity of courses and communities.”

Enter Reign Of The Region (Glassy, Mountain Park & Valley) and War By The Shore (Falls, Springs & Vineyards). But many other annual tournaments have become staples at each community over the years, such as The Bootlegger Tournament at The Cliffs at Glassy.

Earlier this year, the team Keowee Springs took home the Best Of The Best crown (and swanky trophy) by claiming victory in the inaugural event at The Cliffs at Mountain Park. Soon, our clubs from The Mountain Region and The Lake Region will face off in a five-person team event to further establish their community as the golf hub at The Cliffs. 

war by the shore logo

Each team, led by a professional, will face off over the course of three days playing at each club in their region. So, no one has that home club advantage this time around. 

No doubt there will be chirping birdies and bogey blunders. And, we imagine, immense pressure that each team must overcome together to be crowned champion. 

War By The Shore – November 5-7, 2020 – Reign Of The Region – October 2-4, 2020

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