7 Questions with Sean Kennedy, Director of Golf Instruction

The Cliffs is home to an amazing family of not only members, but also an astounding team of golf professionals, chefs and wine experts, award-winning event planners, passionate cycling, tennis and wellness coaches and much, much more.

One of those spectacular golf professionals is Sean Kennedy, The Cliffs’ Director of Golf Instruction. If you spend any time on the course(s), you’re sure to know Sean, who can be found on the green just about every day of the week. But if you have yet to have met Sean, let us introduce you. We recently asked him seven questions about his personal golf history, his approach to instruction, and what makes The Cliffs so special. Here’s what he had to say…

Sean Kennedy Cliffs Director of Golf Insruction

  1. What is your earliest or fondest golf memory?
    Being pulled along on my father’s trolley early Saturday mornings, watching him and his friends play. I was 6 or 7 years old, and occasionally I would hit a putt with the group. It was my introduction to the game.
  2. Why did you decide to pursue a career in golf?
    After a short stint in graduate school, I realized being a science nerd for life wasn’t my path. I attempted to play the game for a living and realized I wasn’t very good. My caddie noticed how intrigued I was by all the various techniques the players used to get the job done so he suggested I go into teaching golf. Like all players should, I listened to my caddie.
  3. How would you describe your approach to golf instruction?
    Make the player better at what they currently do. Sometimes a technical concept needs to be introduced, but mostly it’s just giving the player a better idea on what they need to do. I call it functional teaching.
  4. Why are you passionate about helping Cliffs golfers cultivate a PURPOSEFUL PRACTICE?
    I hear all the time of how a player’s skills are good on the range but don’t translate to the course. It usually boils down to how that player is practicing their skills on the range. I feel it’s important to educate all players of varying skill on the “how” of practice.Check out Sean’s PURPOSEFUL PRACTICE SERIES ON YOUTUBE to learn more about how you can cultivate a purposeful practice and make your game better than ever—and stay tuned as the rest of the series unfolds on YouTube!
  5. What has been your most memorable teaching experience at The Cliffs?
    There are so many to recall! I would say helping create a learning environment that is free from judgment and allows the student the chance to explore solutions to the problem in front of them.
  6. When you’re not on the course, what are some of your favorite hobbies?
    I love music. To create music is my favorite. I love to experience some of the outdoor activities outside The Cliffs gates, too. There is so much natural beauty to enjoy in the Blue Ridge Basin. My wife and are also active in pet rescue.
  7. How do you define Cliffs Living?
    Dynamic, active charitable members who desire the best and challenge us to deliver.

Interested in improving your game? Contact Sean today and let the learning begin!

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