Cliffs Member Kyle Mueller to Compete in the U.S. Open

Cliffs member—and University of Michigan rising junior—Kyle Mueller is Oakmont bound to compete in the 116th U.S. Open!

Kyle qualified for the 2016 U.S. Open by shooting a five-under 135 at the recent sectional qualifier held at Springfield Country Club in Springfield, Ohio, securing the runner-up medal and one of the qualifier’s four U.S. Open spots.

Kyle is, of course, excited to compete in the Open, but says the reality of the competition hasn’t quite set in. He’s looking forward to playing the challenging course at Oakmont Country Club in Oakmont, Pennsylvania, noting that the strongest part of his game—driving the ball—will be crucial on this treacherous course. He’s also looking forward to spending the week playing in the shadows of and picking up some tips from some of today’s best golfers.

Join us in congratulating Kyle, and wishing him the best of luck at the 116th U.S. Open next week! Follow along as we cheer on Kyle—keep up with the leaderboard,live stream the competition, or catch the U.S. Open on TV.

Kyle Mueller

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