Match Ready, Techno-Equipped Golf Carts Arrive at The Cliffs

Golf is a puzzle without an answer. It’s our goal to make sure our members enjoy every advantage to help them relish their time on the links. 

If you’re a veteran of the sport, technology continues to impact your round of golf. Extra distance from new clubs may lower your handicap, and that cutting-edge golf ball designed to spring off the club face might help you score. Equally, having the convenience of a personal caddie intertwined into your golf cart can help you play more efficiently – leading to more birdies, smiles and satisfaction. 

Interested? We got you covered. Now, golf carts at all The Cliffs’ courses have technology readily available to promote sharpened shot selection, leading to moments that keep you coming back for more.

After carefully investigating state-of-the-art technologies to benefit our members, we landed a partnership with Textron Fleet Management. TFM was the perfect fit for The Cliffs updated fleet, and gives us everything we need to help our members be successful during their round. It’s going to be a superior on-course experience, and also improve our operational efficiency and crew productivity. A welcomed sight for everyone involved. 

The new golf carts, equipped with TFM, provide course layout and mapping, birds-eye 3D flyovers of every hole, and GPS-accurate ranging to hazards and pin placements. TFM also offers digital scoring and pace-of-play status.

We are able to customize announcements to players all over the course, including welcome messages, food and beverage reminders, weather updates and interactive videos.

TFM is tournament ready, too. So during your next competition at The Cliffs, your cart will be integrated with the popular Golf Genius software to provide real-time leaderboards and management for a variety of match formats. The cloud-based system provides a superior experience with on-board score cards, event updates and communications.

Let us hear your feedback on how the new technology affects your game and experience!

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