Finding Luxury Art for Your Luxury Home at The Cliffs

Featured North Carolina Artist: Luxury Art by Akira Satake

It is only fitting that a luxury home is filled with luxury artwork. Homes at The Cliffs boast fine craftsmanship and bespoke details that make it a perfect canvas for displaying art. Start your own collection or expand your existing collection through a favorite artist among our community, Akira Satake. A musician turned artist, Akira’s handcrafted Japanese ceramics lend an earthy, organic feel to any space they reside in. 

Learn more about Akira Satake’s art and what drives him in this interview below.  

Tell us more about your background and what drew you to this style of ceramics and pottery?

Akira explains his original background is in music performance and production. In addition to playing banjo professionally in Japan and the US, he also had a music production company and world music recording company in New York City. He turned to visual art when his music career left him feeling burned out on the music business, saying it “led me to a ceramics class and it changed my life.”

Akira is widely sought after as a lecturer and instructor. He has taught and exhibited throughout several countries across the globe. His current collections can be found at The Mint Museum, The Phillips Collection, and Asheville Museum. 

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What is your process for creating your pottery pieces?

“I lived in Japan until I was around 20, and the influence of my father, who was a painter, guided my appreciation of the Japanese aesthetic — beauty in imperfection, and the importance of the connection between the form of a vessel (vase, tea cup, platter) and its function.” He goes on to add, “I believe my creations are a collaboration between myself, the clay body, and the fire of the kiln. I try to bring out what the clay wants to be, and hope the fire will be my ally and yield beautiful results.” The results are indeed, beautiful. See several of his luxury art pieces below. 


How long will these luxury art pieces last?

“A lifetime, if you take care of it.” 

To gently clean ceramics, it’s usually recommended to softly wipe the piece using a damp cloth when necessary. These luxury art collectibles can be passed down from generation to generation if properly cared for. 

What materials are used and where are they sourced from?

“I use many different clay bodies — some of them are ‘wild clay’, dug locally in North Carolina.” Throughout these pieces, the rich cultures and natural beauty of the Carolinas and regions of Japan are reflected from material to design. 

What is the symbolism behind these pieces?

A true artist’s response, he states, “they are not meant to be symbolic, but they can evoke emotions in the person who responds to them.” 

Which leads to the next question. 

How often do you create?

Akira responds with a simple, “every day.” A piece of luxury art from Akira Satake is unique to you, just like your home at The Cliffs. 

How do you recommend customers pick the right piece for them?

The art collector understands how each piece of artwork is a powerful way to express what matters to you, whatever that feeling might be. Through art, we can express ourselves. Whatever the piece represents or means to you, it’s a chance to share the feeling with others. “I think customers will know it when they see it.”

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Discover Akira Satake’s Gallery and Studio in Asheville, North Carolina

Gallery Mugen, located in Asheville’s River Arts District, opened back in 2013. Ceramic pieces are available directly from his website’s online shop, where you can purchase handcrafted tableware, display pieces, and traditional Japanese ceramics. He also occasionally offers multi-day workshops where you can try your hand at creating your own ceramic artwork. 

To commission a piece from Akira, stop by his gallery at 191 Lyman Street in Downtown Asheville, or click here to email him. 


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