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Behind the scenes with sales executives Shaun Collyer and Vince Roser and the new Cliffs Realty Asheville Region sales office

When members talk about the great community they’ve found at The Cliffs, it often starts with one important relationship: our dedicated sales executives. Part all-around advisor, part co-pilot in the homeowner journey, great sales executives like Shaun Collyer and Vince Roser know what it means to be the point person for the family finding or building its dream home—over the course of days or even years. We sat down for a Q&A with both to see how passion for the job shapes their every day at the beautiful new Cliffs Realty Asheville Region sales office.


Sales Executive

Q: What’s your position at Cliffs Realty? How did your past work in other fields prepare you for that role?

A: I am a Real Estate Sales Executive for Cliffs Realty, performing buyer agency and seller agency for privately owned and developer-owned properties. I’ve taken my experience from my past careers in education and as a hospitality-business owner to help form great relationships with all who walk through our doors.

Q: Tell us about your roots. What brought you to The Cliffs?

A: I’m originally from a very small town in Indiana (cue the John Mellencamp), where I attended Manchester University and Ball State University. I began my career in education in Indiana and eventually moved to Hilton Head Island, SC, to work as a school administrator. I am the father of two amazing young men, Jackson (18) and Maxwell (15). The boys are students and soccer players at Asheville Christian Academy. We’ve called Asheville home since 2010.

Q: What do you love about The Cliffs communities?

A: ​​Being a member of The Cliffs since 2015, the thing I love most is the amazing friends that have come into my life. There are so many interesting and wonderful people here, and The Cliffs makes it easy to meet and build relationships. The most enjoyable experience thus far was going to Scotland in 2022 with fellow members. 

Q: What is the biggest perk of being in the new office location?

A: Previously, our team was separated between two buildings, which created some challenges. It’s nice having the whole team under one roof—which also makes it much easier to plan efficient tours for our prospective members. The office location is more convenient for clients and current members to interact with our team should they ever need anything. I feel more connected to the community in our new location, and it’s nice being closer to the driving range!

Q: Why do you love what you do every day?

A: It’s always a perfect day at the office when I’m touring prospective buyers and showing off this beautiful community. When I’m not on tour, I enjoy spending time with my colleagues. We have an awesome work environment that is fun and enjoyable, and I could not imagine working with better people.

Q: What keeps you busy on the weekends?

A: My favorite activity is watching Jackson’s and Maxwell’s soccer matches. When I’m not watching their team score, I enjoy spending time with my fiancé, Ashley, and Cava-poo, Harry, playing golf with friends and working out in the gym.


Sales Executive

Q: You’ve lived all over the U.S. How did you end up in Asheville?

A: I grew up in Thomasville, North Carolina, and graduated from Duke in ’75, ready to take on the world. I held various roles at American Hospital Supply and Baxter Healthcare while living in Texas, California, and Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, before moving back to the Carolinas in 2001 with [my wife] JoAnn, young sons, and a desire to reconnect with my Carolina roots.

Q: What role do you play in the new Cliffs Realty office and in the community?

A: My tenure as a sales executive over the span of 19 years has provided a deep understanding of the real estate landscape at Walnut Cove. I love sharing what living at The Cliffs will mean to future members with passion and conviction—our prospects must first buy the lifestyle and see themselves living amongst the folks in the community they choose.

Q: How do you like to spend time outside of the office?

A: I value a well-rounded life. I have a passion for mountain biking, which allows me to connect with nature and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. Concept 2 Rowing is another activity I enjoy, providing both a physical challenge and a serene escape inside our wellness center … where I won’t get hurt! Golf and photography are two other interests I would like to be better at. Additionally, I find inspiration and joy in following the journeys of two young men close to our hearts. My youngest son, a Citadel graduate, serves as a cyber scientist at NIWC, protecting our troops and assets in the Navy in the ever-evolving field of cybersecurity. Meanwhile, the oldest, a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, is on the path to soon defend our country as a Marine aviator in the F-35B Lightning II variant of the Joint Strike Fighter. 

Q: What do you love about life here? 

A: As residents and members at The Cliffs at Glassy, my wife and I often reflect on this question ourselves. The Cliffs offers a diverse array of lifestyle benefits that extend well beyond our world-class golf and amenities. The sense of community is vibrant, fostering connections and relationships among members that create a strong sense of belonging. The stunning landscapes and picturesque settings across The Cliffs communities are unparalleled, with breathtaking views, lush greenery, and serenity. The communities often offer cultural and educational programs, which could include art classes, workshops, lectures, and even all community-wide concerts!

Q: How does the new office location inspire you?

A: From a design perspective, the new location is a testament to thoughtful planning, seamlessly blending functionality and aesthetics that mirrors the beauty of The Cliffs. We’re nestled in right next to the main gate, offering a perfect synergy of convenience and accessibility, and providing an inviting space to engage with members and prospective members. Watching the building process unfold, from the initial groundbreaking with shovels in the dirt to the exciting moment of moving in, was a fulfilling journey made seamless by the collaborative and skilled efforts of South Street Partners and the Trehel Corporation. 

Q: How will this new location help you better support members and sales at Walnut Cove?

A: By connecting with prospective members on a personal level and sharing the unique charm of The Cliffs, I aim to foster a sense of belonging and excitement about the possibilities that await them. Whether it’s through insightful conversations, immersive tours, or highlighting the cultural, educational, and recreational opportunities, I’m enthusiastic about contributing to the growth and vitality of The Cliffs at Walnut Cove, making it a community where dreams of a fulfilling lifestyle come to life.


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