WELL FITTED: Joe Moreland pairs a stylish, inspired wardrobe with a healthy lifestyle

It’s true: the common assumption is that most married couples operate on what Moreland calls the “80/20 Principle” of a shared closet, but “we’ve inverted that,” he jokes. “I get 80%, she gets 20%.” The Morelands worked with the Dillard-Jones team to build their home in 2016, and from the outset, the couple envisioned a very intentional use of space. “Our builder and architect were very foresightful in this. I told them that I wanted to maximize storage in our home — we don’t want to leave any possible space unconsidered. The top regret I’ve heard people voice is that they don’t have enough closet space, and we don’t have that issue here,” adds Moreland.

The result is a truly creative use of efficient vertical design that invites exploration and discovery. “It’s very spacious and organized, with a chandelier over the center and a marble-topped cabinet that we use for laying out clothes and packing suitcases. It was designed to maximize accessibility.”

Moreland, a self-described recovering lawyer, enjoys solving problems and seeing projects through to the end, and it was clear that he enjoyed the creative process — especially collaborating with a master craftsman. “It’s all custom cabinetry by Jose Flores,” Moreland emphasizes. “He’s the premier cabinet maker in the Upstate and this room reflects his rare workmanship and talent. He’s old school — doesn’t use computers, hand-measures everything, and makes meticulous drawings. The wardrobe took him about six months to finish.”

Behind Moreland’s colorful apparel collection, however, is an unflinching commitment to physical health. “I’ve maintained my same weight and build since college so I can wear what I did then. The wonderful thing about fashion is that if you wait long enough, everything comes back into vogue again,” Moreland says with a smile. His at-home gym and fitness regime, along with swimming laps in The Cliffs Valley pool, keep him active and his clothes well-fitted. “I had a guest ask when the last time I purchased an item of clothing was, and I told her, ‘honestly, it’s been a while.’ I like to wear what I have. I don’t really need to shop. I’ve accumulated a wide variety of styles and fashions over 40 years. Most of my suits are custom- tailored, all of my shirts are monogrammed. Everything I have is something I wear,” insists Moreland. “Nothing collects dust.”

Moreland believes the way you design a home can help you be the best version of yourself, enabling a person to maximize the things they find most meaningful. “For me, that includes a lifestyle that lets me dress well and express creativity through fashion. It’s an investment not only in my wardrobe, but in my health.”

When offering advice to future homeowners, Moreland returns to the subject of seeking art in unexpected places. “The size of the space is not as important as the utility it has, and getting the most out of it. Even on a small budget, you can still be creative — utilizing more of the wall with ladders, installing cabinets that tuck away. Builders are becoming more creative and materials are becoming more flexible. There are more options than ever before. If you’re building a home, I’d encourage you to push the envelope and explore all the possibilities.”

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