Gear Patrol: Step Up Your Game with Our Experts’ Suggestions

When it comes to performance, we all want to do our best. Whether on the mat, on the green, in the saddle, or in the stream, it never hurts to have some help in pursuit of that level of excellence. Yoga Instructor Joan Craig, Director of Golf Instruction Sean Kennedy, Cycling Guide Bobby Julich, and Fishing Guide Nick Rubio offer some tools and suggestions to keep you moving forward.

Wholesome App

1. Wholesome App
“Most food tracking apps focus on macronutrients: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Wholesome also tracks micronutrients — vitamins and minerals — and that’s way more interesting to me. I use Wholesome for about 10 days before I get bloodwork, so that I understand how diet impacts medical results.”
— Joan Craig


2. Puttout
“I’m a fan of PuttOUT because of its simplicity in design and function, plus it engages the player in practicing the critical skills of putting: distance, control, and speed. The Pressure Putt Trainer returns your good putts and rejects your bad ones, and it gives feedback on your putts. I think if golfers can get a putter in their hand at least a few times a week, they’ll see some real benefits on the course.”
— Sean Kennedy

Garmin Varia RTL510 Radar Tail LIght

Varia UT800 Smart Headlight

3. Garmin Varia RTL510 Radar Tail LIght & Varia UT800 Smart Headlight
“This radar tail light pairs with Garmin head units to give you an audio and visual warning of cars approaching from behind, and the smart headlight gives even more visibility out on the roads. You can use it as a powerful headlight if you’re caught out in the dark, or you can set it to strobe mode during daylight hours. It’s easy to mount, and simple to take on and off.”
— Bobby Julich

SIMMS G4 Pro Sling Pack

4. SIMMS G4 Pro Sling Pack
“A good pack is an essential item to any outdoorsman, and my top selection is the Simms G4 Pro Sling Pack. The great-fitting design, variety of features, and waterproofing makes it my everyday go-to for fly fish guiding. The fold-down workbench in the secondary compartment works great when you are standing in the middle of a stream and need to retie.”
— Nick Rubio

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