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How Long Is Your Bucket List?

Can where you live change how you feel? Can you be happier, healthier, even turn back the hands of time? We think so. At The Cliffs, we seize the day — on crystal clear waters of Lake Keowee, in the glorious Carolina mountains along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and on seven of the world’s most scenic championship courses. Here, wellness is a way of life and it begins with an integrated program that starts in the gym and extends wherever your bucket list takes it.

Trainer assisting a member with her workout


The Cliffs’ trainers, instructors and program directors are among the best and most innovative in their fields. After all, there’s riding a bike… and then there’s riding with George Hincapie, Tour de France legend and The Cliffs Director of Cycling. Our team of accomplished golf instructors, performance coaches and personal trainers, tennis pros, yoga instructors, backpacking specialists and more will personally ensure an unparalleled wellness experience for our members.

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Wellness Inside & Out

Each of our communities features a luxurious wellness center; cardio and strength training equipment; movement studios, spinning and aerobic rooms; some with pools indoors, outdoors — sometimes both. Every day here presents a new opportunity to commit to your health. Whatever challenge you’re up for, our wellness staff, state-of-the-art facilities and array of fitness amenities are sure to deliver.


  • Fitness instructor leading a class in the wellness center


    Fitness Expert

    “Our job is to facilitate a healthy, active lifestyle,” says Mountain Park personal trainer Eli Cothran. “And we’ve got an incredible range of equipment so members can find a program that they enjoy, one that provides them more mobility, flexibility, and strength.”

Members outdoor yoga class



Our members are very particular. They come here because of our wellness program, and that extends beyond the wellness centers to our kitchens. Wellness can be delicious.