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Bergeron Custom Homes is a small construction company dedicated to creating enjoyable and exciting experiences for clients as they build the homes of a lifetime. The Bergeron team custom crafts each home with materials specifically selected for their quality and endurance. Taking on a limited number of clients at one time allows Bergeron Custom Homes to professionally manage each job while keeping the channels of dialogue and relationship open and healthy. Total satisfaction is the utmost goal with each and every client.

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A quality home is defined by superior construction and proven products. Because of Bergeron’s commitment to quality, they make sure their customers receive only the best when making the single largest investment of their lives – from workmanship to materials and most of all, service. From the employees they hire to the products and supplies they choose, Bergeron is dedicated to ensuring their customers receive the absolute best quality and service. They maintain that philosophy in every home they build. When they finish a house and the customer says it’s everything they dreamed it would be, Bergeron knows they’ve done their job.

“Garry would come out to the property at various times of the day and sit on the lawn, watching how the wind came off the mountains and where the sun sat in the sky at different times of day. Then he had me fill out a 17-page questionnaire before he began working on the design. The result was a house that incorporates lots of windows and a wraparound porch that capitalizes on our views of the Paris and Blue Ridge Mountains.”

Beth & William D.

The Cliffs at Mountain Park

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