Come As You Are: Pavilion Night at Glassy

You don’t need a ticket for one of the longest-standing, premiere social events at The Cliffs at Glassy. A dress code isn’t necessary, either. Pavilion Night is free of obligations and expectations. In fact, the only requirement for the evening lies in its sole mission: community first. It’s a space for The Cliffs community to come together, shake their feathers out, and soak in a lovely sunset.

On Wednesday evenings during the warm-weather months, you’ll find a rotating cast of Glassy residents who make up the Pavilion Night crowd. “Sometimes it’s 50, sometimes it’s 100 people,” says Peggy Hutson, who organizes Pavilion Night at the Overlook Pavilion. “There’s no agenda,” she adds, “we just come enjoy the sunset and meet our neighbors.” Reflecting the heart of Pavilion Night, Hutson champions the nonchalant nature of the event. “If you don’t make it some weeks, that’s okay. We are always thankful for the faces we do see.”

And so they come. They ditch their ties for t-shirts and ride up on a cavalcade of golf carts. The menu is simple, consisting of potluck dishes or easy appetizers, and the drinks flow freely because everyone brings their own — plus some to share. Part of the charm of Pavilion Night is that there is no plan, no master list of menu items. “Every now and then we’ll have a theme,” Hutson explains, “just for fun.” If someone volunteers their old family sauce recipe, for example, the rest will follow suit and bring Italian dishes. Or sometimes the group decides on Dog Night, when everyone is encouraged to fix a leash to Fido and bring him along. The food that evening? Hot dogs, naturally.

Photos from Pavilion Night at Glassy

The pavilion itself is what brought out those first few couples some 15 years ago for what would become a weekly tradition. The space is laid-back and opens up to an incredible view. “You can just see forever,” Hutson describes. The gathering has since expanded past the pavilion. A newfound warm-weather destination is Moonshine Cave, an old moonshine cave off the creek behind one neighbor’s home. The crew sets up a table creekside while others back in their trucks to make tailgate space. It’s cooler near the creek, and those inclined will make the trek to Moonshine Cave to look inside. Nights like these take Pavilion Night to new borders, but a fresh destination and fair weather are just the icing on the cake. It’s the community that makes the evening great.

When Hutson took over organization of Pavilion Nights for the Glassy Mountain Homeowners, she wanted to help keep a good thing alive and maintain a laid-back place for the community to connect. Each week sees its share of regulars, but newcomers feel welcome, too. Hutson recalls a statement made by fellow Glassy member Dave Schaub, “You only come as a stranger once.” This is what Pavilion Night is really about: camaraderie and friendship. It’s about setting schedules aside to share a meal and watch the sunset with a neighbor, unhurried and full of gratitude.

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