Kids at The Cliffs – Community Playgrounds Bring Together Imagination and Fun

As summer break looms, so does the eternal directive: “Go play outside!” And in a world dominated by screens, it’s nice to know there’s still an outlet for the type of wholesome, active play of childhood. Kids these days even have things a little bit easier: the 21st-century recreation area is nothing like the hot, sunbaked metal slides and splintery treehouses of yesteryear. Instead, these playgrounds are built to spark the imagination and encourage endless hours of enthusiastic play.

kids playing pirate ship

For example, the Children’s Village at The Cliffs at Glassy was built with this attention to creativity and fun in mind. Inspired by Glassy’s youngest residents, members Jim and Suzie Grow formed a fundraising committee in 2006 dedicated to revamping the community’s modest play area with more contemporary equipment that included a brand-new swing set and a cozy, cabin-like playhouse complete with a pint-sized table and chairs set.

playground hangout

A smiling, wooden choo-choo train engine by the name of “Big Jim” joined the Children’s Village in 2008, followed closely in 2010 by a swashbuckling pirate ship ready to sail the seven seas. Slides, tunnels, and plenty of climbing apparatuses round out this active amusement zone, ideal for children of all ages. Since 2015, The Cliffs at Glassy Homeowners’ Association has remained committed to preservation of the Children’s Village, dedicating one day each spring to the playground’s general upkeep and maintenance.

poolside playground

Of course, The Cliffs at Glassy isn’t the only community with stimulating play areas. Kids can find plenty of imagination inspiration at The Cliffs Valley and The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards playgrounds. And for those extra-hot summer days, The Beach Club at Keowee Springs adds a couple of water slides to the tried-and-true pool day.

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