Ideas for a Romantic Date Night at The Cliffs

Date Night Ideas for Members of The Cliffs Communities

Life is meant to be experienced and savored with the ones you love. So why not plan something beyond just a dinner and a movie? Instead, plan a more unique date night, one that will allow you to connect, or reconnect, with your partner. 

Continue reading our list of ideas for a romantic date night as a resident at The Cliffs communities. 

Stroll Through a Vineyard

Reminisce the wonderful moments you’ve collected together as you wander through the rows of muscadine grapes at The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards. Together, set aside time to take a leisurely stroll and admire the beautiful nature that is all around you. From the intricate vines to the still waters of Lake Keowee, there are views in every direction you look. Allowing yourself to reflect and spend one-on-one time with one another is by far the most romantic opportunity to reconnect with your partner. At the end of evening, stop by the Clubhouse for a glass or two of wine and toast to many more moments like this to come. 

For couples wanting to explore some of the area’s vineyards and wineries, you will find plenty tucked along the Blue Ridge Mountains. Plan a romantic weekend together and visit one of the many idyllic wineries just hours, or even minutes, from your home. Château Morrisette Winery in Floyd, Virginia and Linville Falls Winery in Newland, North Carolina are two beautiful wineries perfect for a weekend getaway. 

Wine and Dine 

Take a moment to enjoy each other’s company and sit down for an elegant meal together. Clear your schedule and give yourself plenty of time to indulge in several food courses at one of the incredible restaurants at The Cliffs. Make it a point to order whatever looks good on the menu and allow yourself a taste of what our chefs can do. 

The Cliffs at Walnut Cove is just minutes away from the foodie town of Asheville, one of the greatest spots for wining and dining. For an incredible meal complete with a view, make a reservation at the Omni Grove Park Inn to dine on the Sunset Terrace. Bouchon is also an excellent choice if you are in the mood for French cuisine. While Rhubarb, a contemporary American restaurant, offers a casual atmosphere. 

Visit the Chapel in the Sky

Members at The Cliffs at Glassy share a mountainside with the Glassy Chapel, a sophisticated venue with spectacular mountain vistas. Made completely of natural stone, the chapel sits high above the mountains and hosts regular concerts and other members-only events. Attend one of the next events here with your partner then finish the night with an intimate dinner for a romantic evening. 

Take a Swim Under a Waterfall

Imagine swimming at the base of a waterfall with the one you love — it just doesn’t get more adventurous than that! Along the Blue Ridge Mountains are over 60 waterfalls just begging to be explored. Don’t forget to bring along a picnic to enjoy after your dip. 

Take in the View

There’s nothing more utterly romantic than watching a sunset or sunrise. Plan an evening or early morning around watching the sunset or sunrise together. If you are early risers, drive out to one of the best viewpoints in the Blue Ridge Mountains and watch the sunset slowly settle into the sky above. Afterwards, stop for breakfast at a cafe for coffee and breakfast pastries as a sweet treat. Later that day, watch the sun’s display for a second time from the comfort of your outdoor balcony with a glass of wine in hand. After the daylight has gone, look up at the stars as you whisper sweet nothings and point out the visible constellations.

Go for a Sunset Cruise

As the sun is setting, get out on the waters of Lake Keowee to take in the reflection of the orange sky across the blue water. Take a quiet moment with your loved one to gaze upon this beautiful place you call home. Pack a light picnic with a bottle of wine or champagne, meats, cheeses, and fresh fruits. 

Have a Lakeside Picnic

Bring a picnic basket to the end of your dock filled with your favorite treats. Lay out a soft blanket and this version of al fresco dining. Up the romance factor with candles or a vase of flowers to decorate the scene. You can also bring a board game to play games together and fill your afternoon with laughter.

Act Like Tourists

Drive to your favorite nearby town of The Cliffs communities and play tourist for a day. Check out the area’s highest-rated restaurants and best places to get a cocktail. Try out new places or ask the waiters and bar staff to get you their personal favorites or the most popular items on the menu, rather than ordering for yourself. 

Design Your Dream Home Together

Planning your future with another is the ultimate display of your love. If you are yet to be a resident of The Cliffs communities, use this time to map out your future together. Consider the lifestyle you want, how you would like to spend your time, and what you would like your life to look like. 

As a matter of fact, luxury homeowners choose to live at The Cliffs because of the endless possibilities that are found here. Anything you could ever want is all right here at each of our seven Cliffs communities. Whether you are interested in lakefront living, a home perched on a mountaintop, or a residence that is mere steps from your favorite golf course, The Cliffs can offer this to you. 

Look Forward to a Romantic Night at Home

The architectural elegance, unmatched amenities, and level of service found within each of The Cliffs communities alone is a testament to the incredible life one can have here. With a passion for offering residents the best life has to offer, it comes as no surprise that The Cliffs has stolen the hearts of many luxury homeowners in search of the best life possible. Take a look at available properties at The Cliffs by clicking the button below.

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