Chef Richard’s Not So Secret Turkey Brine

Welcoming Chef Richard Gras Jr. at The Cliffs at Valley

We are still reeling that Executive Chef Richard Gras Jr. joined The Cliffs Valley team just in time for the holidays! The native New Yorker knows a thing or two about preparing delectable holiday meals for his family and friends. And he’s going to let you in on a not-so-secret tip to keep the staple of a Thanksgiving feast — the turkey — nice and juicy! chef richard gras jr the cliffs at valley

With holidays around the corner one of the tricks I always like to show people is the brining of your turkey. It’s not so much a secret but just a really good trick to ensure that your turkey is super moist.

A brine is simple salt, water and sugar with aromatics like garlic, thyme and lemon. Make and chill the brine then cover the turkey with it for at least 24 hours.

Roast off your turkey and you will see a huge difference in flavor, texture and juiciness!

When planning holiday appetizers I like to have one traditional appetizer (cheese stuffed mushrooms have been done in my family for years, great memories of growing up), and one vegetarian option (vegetable samosas are usually my go to).

It has incredible flavor and look. Try serving with cilantro yogurt, a baked brie with red pepper jelly, and baguette.

This usually covers all my guests, gives us something to talk about, and satiate all those early cravings!

Happy holidays!

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