Featured Golf Course: The Cliffs at Glassy

Your Guide to The Cliffs at Glassy Golf Course

Golf is a unique sport; it is as much a journey through nature as it is a competition. Part of what makes the sport of golf so enjoyable is that each course is so unique, and designed to accentuate the landscape of the local area. 

Oftentimes, these features are what create exhilarating challenges for the players. At The Cliffs, we are home to seven distinct golf courses, each of which is designed in a way that highlights the land it was built upon. In this blog, we will highlight one of our favorite golf courses: The Cliffs at Glassy

The Cliffs at Glassy Golf Course

The Cliffs at Glassy is South Carolina’s only true mountain-top golf course, which sets it apart from all of our other courses, both in design and style of play. 

About the Course

The course at Glassy was designed by Tom Jackson, the former President of the American Society of Golf Course Architects. Although he has experience designing 124 golf courses across the country, he knew he was given a special opportunity when he was asked to design The Cliffs at Glassy. Upon opening in 1993, the course immediately began to spark interest in the golfing world.

At more than 3,000 feet above sea level, Jackson recognizes his design of this mountain course as his best work. As the course winds up and down Glassy Mountain, it creates dramatic changes in elevation that force players to stay focused on their strategy. 

Play begins with the first hole presenting views of a lake framed by daylilies and blue-toned mountains as the backdrop. When golfers make their way through the bentgrass tees, greens, and fairways, it’s hard not to stop and bask in the beauty that surrounds them. 

This is particularly true at the 13th hole, also known as the 4th most scenic hole in America. At The Cliffs at Glassy, this par 3 is definitely the defining hole. With 75-mile views, who isn’t going to want to stop to enjoy the landscape? 


The Cliffs at Glassy is home to a number of exciting golf tournaments throughout the year. There are two particularly popular competitions held at Glassy where players can put their skills to the test. 

The first is the Black Bear Invitational in May. With the spring flowers in full bloom, and pleasant temperatures, golfing is a dream and the course is thriving with life. The second is the Champion of Champions tournament in October. The course takes on a whole new life in the autumn months, so players can enjoy the changing colors of the foliage as they compete. 


After a long day on the green, players can relax at the magnificent Glassy Clubhouse. Designed to have a presence, this grand space is defined by the wall of windows that capture the natural beauty of the course from within. Here, players can catch up with other members before heading out to the first hole of the course. It is also a perfect place for large private events or post-tournament parties, with its grand ballroom, terrace, and spacious event lawn.

Golf Membership at The Cliffs 

At The Cliffs, we know that golf is more than just a sport, it’s your passion. That is why we have an exclusive membership designed around creating the best experience possible for our golfing community. At your Home Course, Golf Members have the privilege of 14-day advance tee times and exclusive access to club-sponsored golf events, while still being able to access the other first-class golf courses at The Cliffs. 

Each course also has trained professionals and practice areas where members can continue to improve all aspects of their game. From practicing your puts, technique, and form, to talking to the pros about strategy for the particular golf course, all the resources you need to continue developing your golf game and knowledge are part of your membership.

The Golf Membership also includes access to all of the other amenities offered at The Cliffs. With access to wellness centers, sports courts, swimming pools, and social clubs, it’s easy to live a healthy, active lifestyle. 

The Community: The Cliffs at Glassy

The golf course is located in one of our three communities located in The Mountain Region: The Cliffs at Glassy. This community sits at the peak of Glassy Mountain and was the first community established at The Cliffs. Once you see the breathtaking views from the top, you’ll know exactly why it was chosen to be the home of our original community. 

At the top of the mountain, members enjoy gathering for weekly potlucks with other members of the community, held at the Sunset Pavilion. This community is known for its extensive variety of social clubs, offering members the opportunity to find a social club that best fits their interests. 

The Cliffs at Glassy is also well connected with Asheville and Lake Keowee, making it easy to access other communities and golf courses at The Cliffs. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how you can become a member, contact our Membership Office. Here, you will be guided through the process, so you can get out on the course at Glassy and start enjoying everything your new club membership offers you.

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