Something is Simmering at the Keowee Vineyards Lakehouse

Introducing Simmer ’71

At The Cliffs, life on the lake is as close to perfect as it gets, especially during the warmer seasons. Venues like the Lakehouse have always offered a gathering spot to unwind and indulge in exquisite cuisine. Enhancing the already exceptional ambiance is Simmer ’71, a brand-new dining concept.

Introducing Simmer ’71 at the Lakehouse – a BBQ-inspired menu blending sweet and spicy flavors. This culinary offering pays homage to the birth of Lake Keowee in 1971, which formed the picturesque peninsula that the Lakehouse proudly calls home.

This casual, family-friendly dining experience will launch this Memorial Day weekend – Saturday, May 25 – and run throughout the summer. A modern twist to the spicy, sweet, and tangy tastes of smoked and dry-rubbed BBQ dishes, expect appetizers, salads, bowls, and entrees, plus sweet treats, such as coke floats, milkshakes, banana pudding, and soft serve ice cream. Cool cocktails, fine wines, and local, domestic, and imported beers for adult time on the patio round out an ideal summer dining experience.

Taste the smoky sweetness by becoming a member at The Cliffs. If you are interested, we invite you to start your property search online and explore the many options available to call home. Once you find a few that interest you, feel free to schedule an in-person visit and discover The Cliffs for yourself.

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