The Cliffs’ Culinary & Beverage Programs Shine in Chef to Chef and FSR Magazines

There are not seven dining venues at The Cliffs’ seven communities, but seventeen, all offering diverse, seasonal and innovative cuisine prepared with local ingredients. And for every dish on every menu, you can be sure there will be a delightful wine hand-selected by our esteemed team of beverage experts to perfectly pair with your selection.

Now, we know The Cliffs’ culinary and beverage programs are something spectacular but don’t take our word for it. Take a peek at the coverage our sommeliers, chefs and more have recently received…


Turning Servers into Sommeliers
In “Turning Servers into Sommeliers,” Chef to Chef magazine highlights the recent increase in The Cliffs’ number of sommeliers—in May, that number doubled from six to 12—and the stellar wine program led by Director of Beverage Eric Cooperman.

Green Thumbs in the Kitchen
The term “farm to table” may be ubiquitous these days, but that phrase doesn’t do justice to how deeply involved our chefs and members are in the five-acre Stage 22 Farm by Hotel Domestique at The Cliffs at Mountain Park. In “Green Thumbs in the Kitchen,” FSR Magazine discusses how Broken Oak has become a playground for The Cliffs’ chefs, who help plan each season’s crops and draw inspiration from the organic, farm fresh fruits and vegetables grown right here at The Cliffs.

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