Lobster Dinner at Keowee Falls

A seafood feast with views of the links


Featuring an exclusive four-course dinner crafted in a wood-fired oven and meticulously paired with fine wines, this year’s Lobster Dinner was a culinary delight like no other. Limited to just 12 diners, this outdoor event combines gourmet cuisine with an intimate ambiance on the outdoor porch at The Cliffs at Keowee Falls.

The feast commenced with a fresh and vibrant arugula salad accented by field peas, crisp radish slices, and zesty green garlic vinaigrette. Paired with a bubbly Pierre Cellier Prestige Brut Champagne, this start was a perfect palate cleanser, setting the stage for the courses to follow.

Next, diners were treated to Black Sea Bass served with forbidden rice and wilted greens, topped with a luscious beurre Blanc sauce. The pairing of a Lumen Pinot Gris complimented the rich flavors, enhancing the dish’s delicate textures and smoky undertones from the wood-fired oven.

The main course featured a succulent fire-roasted full lobster accompanied by roasted potatoes and tender green beans, all drizzled with tangy citrus butter. A glass of Domaine Gilles Noblet Pouilly Fuisse perfectly balanced the lobster’s natural sweetness.

Concluding this journey was a creamy lemon crème brulee, its caramelized sugar crust crackling perfectly under each spoonful, providing a refreshing and satisfying end to a remarkable evening.

This was more than just a meal, it was an experience of culinary artistry, impeccable wine pairings, and the joy of dining in a serene outdoor environment with great company.



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