Meet the Team – The Cliffs at Glassy Executive Chef Corbett Rourk

Chef Corbett Rourk joined The Cliffs at Glassy in January 2019, and is already making a name for himself as an innovator and (palate) entertainer. In the few short months of his tenure, he has developed a fresh approach to menu creation that involves sourcing local, in-season ingredients, and put together a team that accentuates each members’ specialties and talents. Chef Rourk has traveled the southeast during his 25-year career, working within award-winning restaurants, clubs, and resorts, and refined his talents for combining flavors as well as teammates.

“I enjoy working with other chefs and cooks because it always provides an opportunity to complement one another in the kitchen,” begins Rourk. “For example, one of my cooks, Julia, is an excellent baker. So she’s in charge of the dessert menu, and we have unique and original menu items for guests to enjoy on a regular basis.”

Chef Rourk’s knack for drawing out talent is far-reaching. He is also in the process of building his team at The Cliffs at Glassy and has recruited his executive sous chef, Roxanne Mills, as well as an incoming cook, from locations in his past. Setting his surroundings with a team he trusts and knows will excel at Glassy is helping him prepare for the year ahead.

Chef Rourk Cuisine

“One of the things I’m most looking forward to is getting a year behind me, here at The Cliffs,” explains Rourk. “With a full year of service in the books, I will have a better grasp of the seasons, guest dining cycles and what works on a menu.” But that doesn’t mean this coming year is in question. Chef Rourk has already started his endeavor to streamline menus.

Chef Rourk Cuisine

“My goal is to be open with a full menu on Tuesday and already prepping for Thursday. I’d like to keep a few, simple salads on the menu, six or seven evolving options on the dinner menu, and continue to offer about three deserts.” The fun part of an ever-changing menu, according to Rourk, is the creativity it allows. “When we get busy with bigger events, it’s kind of fun because if I’m ordering veal chops, or something similar, for a special party, we get to order a little more and use them on the menu.”

Rourk’s spontaneity and easygoing attitude in the midst of kitchen chaos is part of what makes his work great. When asked what his favorite food to make is, he admits he doesn’t have one meal specifically. “I just love food and honestly, I enjoy it all.” However, he admits to an affinity for Spanish and Mexican street foods, featuring fresh marinated skirt steak or fish and taco shells. When asked what his favorite thing to eat is, his answer is equally amusing: “I’ll eat whatever I have time to eat while I’m working. You’d think we get to eat lobster all day long but I often find myself eating a BLT.”

The Cliffs at Glassy culinary program maintains an active agenda in addition to its regular restaurant hours. Members may visit their community calendar to learn more and enjoy the culinary creativity of Chef Rourk.

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