A Culinary Wellness Revolution Takes Shape with The Cliffs Wellbeing Program

Health and fitness have been an integral part of life at The Cliffs since day one. Our seven communities are home to a vibrant, active collection of members passionate about living life to the fullest, and each day you’ll find them doing just that — on the golf course or tennis courts, on hiking trails or a paddleboard, from our wellness centers to the veritable outdoor playground we call home here in the Carolina mountains.

For more than a decade, each of The Cliffs clubs has offered a “Wellness Feature” menu item updated daily for those looking to fuel their active pursuits with a wholesome meal, typically a lean serving of fish served with healthfully-prepared vegetables and a whole grain. But palates — and health guidelines — have changed over the years.

“While each day brought a new Wellness Feature to the menu at each of our seven clubs, the regular routine of fish, vegetables and grains had become to feel stale and out of date with current nutritional recommendations for optimal health and wellness,” says David Sawyer, President of The Cliffs Clubs.

Thus began The Cliffs Wellbeing Program, a revolutionary approach to eating and living well. Last month, our culinary, wellness and leadership teams gathered to discuss this opportunity to enhance the lives of members of The Cliffs through a fresh approach to nutrition.

The Wellbeing Program Parameters

Many of the processed foods that have become popular over the past several decades have been shown to have adverse effects — you might feel bloated and uncomfortable after indulging in a cheese plate, battle brain fog and fatigue after a hearty bowl of grains or, of course, struggle to lose weight when battling the temptation of fast food or sugar-laden sweets.

The Cliffs Wellbeing Program eschews these processed foods in favor of wholesome ingredients such as:

  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised meats
  • Free-range poultry
  • Sustainably-sourced fish
  • Locally-grown leafy greens and vegetables
  • Fruits high in fiber and naturally low in sugar
  • Healthy fats and other pantry staples like nuts, seeds and bone broth

The Chef’s Daily Wellbeing Feature now offered at each club embraces each of these wholesome ingredients while avoiding potentially inflammatory items like sweeteners both natural and artificial, dairy products, legumes, soy, gluten and other grains.

But don’t expect a bland serving of grilled protein alongside steamed veggies. This is The Cliffs, after all, where you’ll find a culinary team of talented, award-winning chefs. For example, Chef Julius Kaiser proved healthy doesn’t have to be boring with a recent Wellbeing Feature of hazelnut seared tripletail paired with a farm fresh salad sourced from Stage 22 Farm by Hotel Domestique, a spiced chia seed and coconut yogurt with a citrus-egg emulsion.

And as the adage goes, take everything in moderation, including moderation. While a daily Wellbeing Feature is on the menu each day at each of our seven clubs, less healthy favorites like The Cliffs Valley’s buffalo chicken mac and cheese aren’t going anywhere! We are thrilled to begin this journey toward wellbeing for members of The Cliffs who wish to fuel their passions and improve their quality of life through healthy, wholesome nutrition. Stay tuned as we share recipes, results and more from The Cliffs Wellbeing Program in the coming months.



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