Designing Your Dream Mountain Home: Living Room Edition

8 Living Room Design Trends to Include in Your Mountain Home

When it comes to your mountain home living room, you want to keep both comfort and style in mind. Think of it as a space in your home where you can kick up your feet and dive into your favorite leisure activities after a long day of outdoor adventures on the lake.

This multipurpose room in your mountain home can be transformed in endless ways to showcase the beauty of the surrounding mountainous landscape. We’ve put together eight design ideas that will help you create a living room that’s Blue Ridge-inspired and filled with rustic charm.

1. Use a Natural Color Scheme

The perfect color scheme is the pinnacle of any design and can be used to evoke emotion and set the tone for the room’s ambiance.

Your mountain home living room design will be unstoppable when you opt for warm neutral colors as your foundation. Add personality and appeal to the room by incorporating bold colors, like rust orange or maroon as a pop of color throughout. This method will not only enhance the beauty of the outdoors, but will also add interest to any design.

Since the color scheme was designed to harmonize with nature, look outside for inspiration. If you’re unsure about a color, try testing rich shades of brown and mahogany from tree bark. Or, try testing deep citrus colors from the seasonal foliage of the Blue Ridge Mountains. You can even pull in muted greens to complement the native grasses. 

At the Cliffs, inspiration is all around. To get to know the landscape and the true beauty of the mountain terrain, read our blog about staying active in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

2. Enhance the Natural Light 

Your living room should be filled with natural light. as it can fill your space with warmth and boost creativity. Use large picture frame windows to allow as much light into the space as possible, and as a bonus, they will highlight your mountain home’s magnificent panoramic views. 

If you’re thinking about building and designing your luxury home, consider floor-to-ceiling windows on your most southern facing wall. The influx of natural light will flood the space while giving your mountain living room a sophisticated feel.

3. Use Unique Light Fixtures 

When it comes to lighting, look for a unique sculptural piece that will stand out artistically in your home. If you want to add a rustic flair, consider incorporating metal fixtures or lamps, as these natural elements fit the mountain style perfectly.  

If you have a high ceiling in your mountain home living room, use a larger light fixture to draw the eye up while filling the space appropriately and naturally. Along with one-of-a-kind pieces, use recessed lighting in your design to subtly brighten the room. 

4. Use Large Furniture 

When you have a large living space in your luxury mountain home, the furniture you choose should match its grandeur. To fill the larger-volume living room proportionally, use larger couches,side chairs, and coffee tables so they accentuate the space. 

5. Incorporate Distressed Wood 

Incorporating wood  in your mountain home living room will help you achieve a timbery, homey feel. It is also extremely versatile. While most commonly used in flooring, we recommend using natural wood in other areas of your room as well. 

One way to add interest is to use exposed wooden beams to showcase high, vaulted ceilings. Wood also makes beautiful window frames or wall panelings. Consider adding planks into a unique pattern or use thinner panels for a sleek, modern design element. Don’t forget about wooden furniture, which can be a beautiful statement piece in any room. 

6. Highlight the Fireplace

If your living room has a fireplace, make it the centerpiece of the space. One way to make this floor-to-ceiling feature stand out is to use a natural material, such as stone or metal. You can even incorporate a large, chunky wooden mantle for an additonal  rustic charm.

7. Choose Interesting Textures 

Texture creates visual interest in a room. For example, leather is one of the finest textures to use in a rustic mountain home. Another unique texture to incorporate is hair-on-hide, often used as an area rug or throw pillow. To further highlight the space, use soft pillows, throw blankets, and rugs to balance out the rougher elements in your mountain home.

8. Connect with Outdoor Space

If your living room opens up to an outdoor area of your dream mountain home, connect the two spaces. One way to achieve this is using the same material on the flooring to visually unite the two spaces. If this isn’t possible, try to use the same color to create the same effect.

Another way is to incorporate large glass-framed patio doors that open to the great outdoors. A sliding glass door is a great option that can be hidden from sight, like a pocket door, minimizing distraction from the views. An unexpected design option to consider is a modern bifold door with a sleek metal frame, allowing the indoor and outdoor areas to flow together seamlessly. 

Design Your Mountain Home at The Cliffs

A mountain home living room is just one of the many rooms you can add your personal touches to when you build your luxury home at The Cliffs. Located in the Carolina mountains, our exclusive homesites are the perfect place to create a place you can’t wait to come home to!

The Cliffs is made up of seven distinct communities found in both North and South Carolina. Our Lake Region offers all the perks of lakeside living, while the Asheville and Mountain Regions bring the rich mountain culture right to your backyard.  

Once you choose the perfect homesite location, it is time to get construction underway! When choosing a homebuilder for your project, be sure to consider our Preferred Builders. This group of builders have experience building luxury mountain homes in the area, ensuring a quality home that lives up to our standards at The Cliffs. To get started, simply browse our available homesites online. If you would like to schedule an appointment to further discuss life at The Cliffs, click the button below.

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This post was originally written in August 2020 and refreshed in December 2022.

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