Gray Institute Certifies The Cliffs Wellness Team

The Cliffs Wellness Team has attained the most elite personal training certification in the world. By graduating from the Gray Institute for Functional Transformation, which earns them the title of Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS) – members of our team have boosted The Cliffs’ wellness program to a rare level.

As one of the world’s most elite Personal Training Certifications, the expertise of GIFT Fellows have been relied on by United States Military Special Forces, as well as NBA, NFL and NHL Champions.  Throughout the entire world, there are just over 600 GIFT fellows.  More impressively, there are only four in the entire state of South Carolina, and all are Cliffs employees:  Matt Ort; Vance Ferrigno; Joan Craig; and Loretta Keeney.

GIFT Fellows pride themselves on treating the individual, not the title they may hold.  Dr. Matt Ort (far right in photo), Director of Health and Fitness for The Cliffs, says, “This certification gives our membership a unique opportunity to work with expert individuals from all types of educational backgrounds to enhance their well-being.”

To become certified as Gray Institute for Functional Transformation (GIFT) Fellows, The Cliffs’ wellness professionals completed a grueling 300 hours of coursework over 40 weeks, and more than  90 hours of onsite training from Gary Gray, the founder of GIFT.  “It’s refreshing to know how much The Cliffs invests in its professionals — that is what makes The Cliffs ‘The Cliffs!'” says, Doug Gray, GIFT Program Director. “We are proud to be associated with The Cliffs and its wellness program.  Not only do these individuals epitomize GIFT Fellows, but they focus on and enhance multiple aspects and dimensions of the individuals they serve.”

As if this weren’t enough to inspire members, The Cliffs also boasts the only four South Carolina-based certified Nike Golf Performance Specialists (NG360), powered by the Gray Institute.  NG360 programs are designed to reduce golf handicaps, as well as injuries and pain, using Applied Functional Science and its relation to the motion of the golf swing.   Once again, the only four people certified as NG360 specialists are with The Cliffs, offering members yet another exclusive privilege: that of access to the finest professionals available in the field of wellness.

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