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Discover Membership at The Cliffs

Being a homeowner at The Cliffs is only the start of your experience! The next step comes when you decide to become an exclusive club member. With access to all of the amenities you could dream of, membership at The Cliffs is your ticket to enjoying everything life in the Carolina mountains has to offer. Not only will you stay active and fit, but you will also build life-long friendships and create memories you will never forget. 

Types of Membership at The Cliffs

At The Cliffs, there are two types of club memberships to choose from: Golf Membership and Active Membership.

Golf Membership 

First, the all-encompassing Golf Membership. This is the highest form of membership offered at The Cliffs. It includes access to each of the seven golf courses and all the recreational, fitness and social amenities that are available. If golf is an important part of your day-to-day life, this membership is for you!

Active Membership

The second type of membership is the Active Membership. If you choose this option, you will have access to all of the recreational, fitness and social amenities at The Cliffs, except golf. However, Active Members can golf six times a year with a Golf Member. So, you’ll still get some time out on the course! This membership is ideal for those who aren’t avid golfers, but still enjoy staying active and healthy.

Club Membership at The Cliffs

Being a Club Member opens the door to participate in a number of entertaining activities. Once you join, the community you purchase in will become your Home Club. While you still have access to the other six clubs at The Cliffs, there are certain limitations. Now, let’s take a closer look at each of the activities you can participate in within your Home Club. 

Golf Courses

With seven prestigious golf courses included in the Golf Membership, members have the opportunity to play on various styles of courses without having to go very far. Designed by some of the most famous designers and golf champions in history, each of these courses creates a fun challenge for any golfer. Not only that, but each course is surrounded by picturesque views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and other natural elements that characterize life at The Cliffs. 

As a Golf Member, you enjoy the luxury of 14-day advance tee times, making it much easier to spend time on the green. Also, Golf Members have exclusive access to club-sponsored golf events at their Home Club. 

Tennis Courts

Membership at The Cliffs includes access to the tennis courts as well. Players of all levels can choose from 22 courts, 16 of which are premier Har-Tru clay courts. The majority of the courts are lit for night time play. Whether you want to perfect your technique with individual training sessions from professional coaches, or just enjoy a fun doubles match with other members, there is always something happening on the courts. Members can even try out the new pickleball courts, just added to the facilities. So, go ahead and grab your rackets! 

Wellness Centers

Health and fitness are important parts of life. Our Wellness Centers offer personal training with experts from Grey Institute Fellows, the most elite personal training certification in the world. If you prefer to workout with others, our dynamic classes are a fun way to get your heartrate up. Each of the centers have top of the line workout equipment, as well as swimming pools and easy access to our sport courts.


Each of the Clubhouses offer members a place to relax and wind down from a day filled with activities. Designed to highlight the best views of each community, each Clubhouse has a particular charm. Here, members can take part in poker or bridge games, meet with their social clubs, and get to know their friendly neighbors on a whole new level. 

Fine Dining

Fine dining is just another perk of your membership at The Cliffs. You can enjoy unique dining experiences at each of our restaurants, all while basking in the mountain views. Our chefs work closely with local farmers and artisans to create flavorful dishes. Items on the menu are made from only the finest ingredients, including local meats and fish, exquisite cheeses, and the freshest seasonal produce.

Cooking classes are a favorite among members. Here, you can learn new cooking techniques and elaborate recipes, so you can improve your skills in the kitchen with the help of an expert. After just a few classes, you’ll be sure to impress all of your friends at the next dinner party. 

Wine Experience

At The Cliffs, we know that wine is just as important at the meal. That is why we have a dozen Level 1 and Level 2 Sommeliers to give their expert advice on wine and spirits while you dine. If you’re a wine enthusiast, you will enjoy learning and sharing your passion at our Wine Club. Here, you can connect with other members who share your passion. Together you can explore the vineyards of native muscadine grapes, taste world-class wines and discuss your favorites flavors.

The Beach Club & Marina Facilities

Located in the heart of Lake Keowee, The Beach Club is a central location at The Cliffs, especially during the summer months. Here, members can enjoy all of the simple pleasures that lake living has to offer. Swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding, jet skiing, wakeboarding… the list goes on! The Beach Club at The Cliffs is your place for all things fun under the sun. Our Marina facilities are close by with plenty of space to dock your boat, fuel up, or do any maintenance your boat may require. There are even boats to rent for the day to get out on the water if you so choose. Our Outdoor Pursuits team has designed a water sports program to fit all ages and ability levels. 

Outdoor Activity Areas

For many homeowners, a big part of the reason they decided to move to the Carolina mountains was for the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. That’s why our membership at The Cliffs offers private outdoor excursions just for Members. Our Outdoor Pursuits Team at The Cliffs guides weekly hikes and excursions, where you will get to discover native flora and fauna of the area with experts. 

Hiking isn’t the only outdoor adventure available. Cycling through the mountains is an exhilarating way to explore the miles and miles of private trials. Also, fishing in Lake Keowee and the rivers and streams nearby allows members to get even closer to nature. 

As you can see, membership at The Cliffs brings you closer to your interests, the outdoors and your new community. With more than 300 social clubs, there is something for everyone when you’re a part of The Cliffs. 

The first step in becoming a member at The Cliffs is finding your dream home. If you’re interested in starting the home search, set up an appointment with our Real Estate office. Here, you will be guided through the entire process. If you’re looking to build your home, there are a number of homesites available to build your luxury mountain home at The Cliffs. Or, if you’re eager to move right in, discover listed homes and townhomes. Contact us today and begin to take part in all of the activities at The Cliffs.

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