An Inside Look: Luxury Wellness Centers at The Cliffs

Luxury Health & Fitness Offerings at The Cliffs

In part, members of The Cliffs are typically drawn to their respective community on account of the outdoor activities available at each locale. Those with a passion for spending time on the water, versus those who prefer the mountains, tend to have similar goals. It all comes down to being healthy, in both the body and mind.

The natural wonder found within each of our communities provides plenty of opportunities to stay active. However, improving one’s functional fitness, by way of strength training for day-to-day movement, is best done in a controlled environment with professionals to — quite literally — guide your every move. With seven luxury wellness centers stationed within our gates, members at The Cliffs are encouraged to improve their health goals alongside our top-tier personal trainers and on-site physiologists. 

Learn more below about healthy living at The Cliffs, and how each community is dedicated to helping you improve your physical and mental health. 

A Peek at Luxury Wellness Centers at The Cliffs

Regardless of your current fitness level, there’s always some improvement to be had. Every wellness center provides a multitude of fitness programs and instruction to keep you motivated. Within each center, you will find state-of-the-art fitness equipment rivaling even the top nation’s gyms. Training experts from the Gray Institute are available to improve your goals and provide a tailored exercise regimen based on your needs. If you consider yourself a social butterfly who enjoys exercising with others, you can choose from several group classes offered on a daily basis. Better yet, why not play a friendly game of pickleball or tennis to get your blood flowing?

Depending on your personal preferences, there are many ways to stay active. If you are unsure of how to get into a good routine with exercising, speak with our clinical exercise physiologist to receive one-on-one guidance on how to improve your fitness level and motion range. With The Cliffs by your side, it’s easy to stay active thanks to our luxury wellness centers. 

The Benefits of Living an Active Lifestyle

Whether you lean toward lake living or mountain living, they are both equally rich with outdoor activity. Taking advantage of the wealth of resources in your community’s wellness center will undoubtedly enable you to enjoy the outdoor activities that surround you even further. Staying active improves your health in so many ways, and like ripples from a wave of water, you will soon notice improvements in other areas of your life as well. 

Think of it this way; the higher your fitness level, the more fun and adventure you can have. As a healthy and active individual, activities such as hiking become easier and challenging trails become more pleasurable. With less strain produced on your muscles and lungs, you will suddenly be more willing to hike often and for longer. 

This idea also applies to golf — the better your range of motion, the better your swing. By staying active, not only does your golf game improve but so does your overall experience. The same ideas are also applicable to other outdoor hobbies such as cycling, watersports, and the like. 

Simple Ways to Stay Active

Take a Hike — On the Trails

Inside the gates of each of our communities are private hiking trails that connect you to the outdoor beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hundreds of scenic trail miles take the average walk around the neighborhood to the next level — just one of many ways to partake in an active mountain lifestyle. Try one out on your own or join our Outdoor Pursuits team on one of their many guided monthly hikes in and around our communities. 

Hit the Links

With seven luxury communities comes seven private golf courses. Only available to club members, each course provides a distinct playing experience and scenery. If you’re new to the game or looking to improve your score, let one of the excellent golf pros and instructors teach you. What’s more, some of the world’s top course designers, Gary Player and Tom Fazio, are the masterminds behind these one-of-a-kind courses. Play an unforgettable round of golf alongside streams, atop mountain ridges, or on the shores of a lake in your very own corner of the world. 

Cycle Through the Mountains

Along with hiking trails, you will find numerous mountain biking trails that offer an excellent workout. Navigate the varied terrain as you build strength and endurance, all the while taking in the scenery around you. If the trails aren’t your style, join The Cliffs Cycling Directors and tour de France legends, George Hincappie, Christian Vande Velde, and Bobby Julich on group cycling on our mountain roads. 

Get Out on the Water

Lake living offers a chance to get out on the water at any moment. Watersports and activities are by far the most effective method for staying active. In fact, one mile of swimming equates to four miles of running on land. 

Whether you enjoy swimming, paddling, fishing, or some form of boarding — our three communities on Lake Keowee allow you to get out on the water every single day. Don’t be surprised to see your neighbors taking a casual dip on a warm summer’s day, we encourage you to do the same!

Perfect Your Swing on the Court

Tennis and pickleball are a big part of life at The Cliffs. With over 20 courts across our seven locations, there’s no doubt you will be invited to play tennis at one point or another. Most of our community courses are made of Har-Tru clay, a natural material found in the Virginian region of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Players favor this type of court to elevate handling skills and reduce injuries. One of many thought-out details that show The Cliffs’ dedication to keeping our members healthy and active. 

The Types of Memberships for Your Activity Level

As a community resident, you can choose from two comprehensive memberships suited to your lifestyle. The Golf Membership grants you exclusive access to all seven premier courses and the recreational, fitness, and social amenities found within every community. An Active Membership includes these amenities with the exception of golf course access. 

Best of all, The Cliffs members have access to amenities across all of The Cliffs’ seven locations. 

Lake Living and Mountain Living at The Cliffs 

Ready to focus on your wellness and make your health a priority? Get started with the endless amenities, workout programs, and recreation opportunities our exquisite communities have to offer. Explore available home and property listings within each community to determine which home and lifestyle is meant for you.

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