8 Places To See Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

8 Can’t-Miss Views Along the Blue Ridge Parkway 

Known as America’s favorite drive, the Blue Ridge Parkway offers breathtaking views of the Appalachian mountains all throughout the year. Visitors can drive along the 469 mile highway that spans across the beautiful states of North Carolina and Virginia. With so many places to explore along the way, it can be difficult to pick just one to visit. Let’s discover the list of the top places to see along the Blue Ridge Parkway that are worth stopping for. 

1. Grandfather Mountain: Milepost 305 

First on the list is Grandfather Mountain. With one of the highest peaks in the Blue Ridge Mountains, at nearly 6,000 feet above sea level, you will be able to appreciate the mountainesque scenery with a birds-eye view. Here, you can walk along the famous Mile-High Swinging Bridge, the highest suspension footbridge in the country. But, look down at your own risk! 

If you want to keep both feet on the ground, there are miles of hiking trails where you can explore the local area. Don’t forget to visit the nature museum and wildlife habitats to learn more about the flora and fauna of the Appalachian mountains. 

2. Linville Falls: Milepost 316.3 

If you enjoy visiting waterfalls, Linville Falls should be at the top of your list. There are two trails to choose from that take you to the falls, both about a mile and a half long. The three-tiered falls cascade down into the Linville Gorge. After the hike, you can have a lovely picnic along the Linville river at the picnic area a little further up the road, at milepost 316.5.

3. Flat Rock: Milepost 308.3

There is a short trail to hike in order to get to the summit of Flat Rock. Once at the top, its broad summit opens up to expansive views of both the Linville Valley and Grandfather Mountain. Because of the level ground, the summit is a perfect spot for picnics. 

4. Crabtree Falls: Milepost 339.5

If you’re looking for more waterfalls to explore, Crabtree Falls is just the spot. When hiking, you have the option between two trails, each that offer their own challenges. The first is a 3-mile loop that is slightly more challenging, while the other is a longer, 3.5 mile trail with a more gradual incline on the way back. 

At the base of each trail lies Crabtree Falls, 70 feet in height and surrounded by luscious ferns and bright greenery. There is also a lovely picnic area with grills to enjoy a meal after your hike. 

5. Mt. Mitchell: Milepost 355.4

Mt. Mitchell is next on our list of places to visit along the Blue Ridge Parkway. With an elevation of 6,684 feet above sea level, the 360º degree views from the top are simply unparalleled. On a clear day, you can see as far as 85 miles — a definite perk of being the highest mountain east of the Mississippi River. If hiking isn’t your forte, you can drive up most of the way and still enjoy the views from the observation deck.

Mt. Mitchell State Park also has hiking trails to explore other viewpoints, as well as a campground for an overnight stay. If you enjoy birdwatching, the park is home to an array of bird species. Some of which are only found in this area of North Carolina due to the higher elevation. If you visit during the autumn months, keep your eyes open for bird species, who have migrated down south for the winter months,  like the White-throated Sparrow and Dark-eyed Junco.  

6. Biltmore Estate: Milepost 388.8

The Biltmore Estate is one of the most famous houses in the country. Constructed by George W. Vanderbilt in 1895, this historic home is the largest in the United States and has over 250 rooms. Visitors can enjoy walking the four acres of land and gardens, sipping their way through a wine tour, or dining at one of the many restaurants in Biltmore Village. Locals and visitors alike would agree that stopping by the Biltmore Estate should be on everyone’s bucket list. 

7. Appalachian Mural Trail 

If you appreciate the arts, you will love the Appalachian Mural Trail. These murals are painted at various locations along the Blue Ridge Parkway, and each of the murals along the trail tells a unique story of the Appalachian Mountains. With over sixty murals in North Carolina, and a growing collection in Virginia, you can enjoy both the natural views and the local art as you drive along the parkway.

8. Mount Pisgah: Milepost 407.8

Located just 26 miles southwest of downtown Asheville, Pisgah National Forest is home to Mount Pisgah. It has a lovely picnic area where visitors can take in the views from the mountain top, in addition to miles of hiking and mountain biking trails. If you forgot to pack a lunch, dine at the Pisgah Inn Restaurant located on milepost 408.6. It is the only restaurant located on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Asheville.

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