Fall Grand Wine Tasting | Walnut Cove 2023

Taking full advantage of the crisp fall weather on an early November afternoon, members gathered on the Walnut Cove event lawn for the Fall Grand Wine tasting. This annual event affords the opportunity to sample a variety of wines from around the world and stock up your wine cellar for the season. The tasting was followed by the Flavors of Fall dinner at the Tavern where wine & food lovers warmed up with comfort food classics including a butternut squash bisque, Waldorf salad, chenin blanc braised chicken, grilled citrus halibut, roast prime rib, and a trio of desserts comprised of sweet potato pecan pie, dark salted chocolate tart, and roasted local apple trifle. All delicacies carefully curated by Chef Kirk and the Walnut Cove culinary team.

Watch the video recap below for a look back at the fun! Be a part of these events by becoming a member at The Cliffs. If you are interested, we invite you to start your property search online and discover the many options available to call home. Feel free to schedule an in-person visit and discover The Cliffs for yourself! 


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