Designing Your Dream Mountain Home: Dining Room Edition

Top 10 Luxury Modern Dining Room Design Trends for Your Mountain Home 

The fondest memories are made gathering around your dining room table. Filled with conversation, laughter, and surely plenty of food — the dining room is an inviting place for all the guests you welcome in your mountain home. As a memory-making hub, your dining room should foster feelings of hospitality and convey a sense of elegance. However, you also want your dining room to be functional. To accentuate the character of your beloved mountain home, it is essential to achieve the perfect balance of charming but sophisticated and decorative but practical. To help you design the mountain home dining room of your dreams, follow these top ten luxury modern dining room design trends. 

1. Think Multi-Functional

Dining rooms can be a space for more than the typical function of sharing a meal with your family and friends. For example, a dining room is excellent for studying, reading, and working. When designing this room, think about how you can create a multi-purpose space to get the most out of the luxury life you’re creating. One way you can achieve this is by adding comfortable dining chairs that can be sat in for multiple hours at a time. Not only will those be great for working from home, getting lost in a book, or studying for school, but they are perfect for entertaining guests.

2. Focus on Entertaining 

Your mountain home makes a great place to entertain! If hosting large gatherings is essential to your lifestyle, you will want to ensure that your dining room is up to the task. When choosing seating options for the space, opt for chairs with slimmer silhouettes that allow additional seats to fit at the table. As for the table, consider an extendable dining room table that can adapt for larger parties. 

Also, remember to include functional service pieces, such as catering supplies. These tools are perfect for storing and setting out food and drinks while hosting.  

3. Choose a Natural Color Scheme

To create a dining room that accentuates the beauty surrounding your home, consider using a color palette inspired by natural surroundings. By selecting colors you find in nature, you complement the outdoors beautifully. A natural color scheme is especially beneficial for dining rooms with spectacular views because they are not distracting from the untouched landscape.

When thinking of inspiration for your color palette, take a look around you. Earthy browns, tans, and creams are charming options. You may also want to incorporate varying grays, blues, and green hues. If you want to add a pop of color to your design, consider rich oranges, deep reds, and pastel yellows. By using natural tones, you can unify your mountain home’s design with the surrounding landscape.  

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4. Mix Materials

The materials you use can change the look and feel of the space. When designing your mountain home dining room, consider mixing contrasting materials such as wood, metal, concrete, and even wallpaper. Choose exciting pieces made from a few different materials. For example, a dining room table with a metal base and wooden top is unique and eye-catching.

Also, don’t be afraid to utilize different textures in the textiles you use in the space. They can help soften the bold lines in other room elements. Blending these materials can elevate the modern luxury dining room design. 

5. Combine Different Styles

Often, people think they have to pick one style and stick to it throughout their design. Nowadays, it is common to blend different styles in one space. Try using a few traditional and contemporary pieces in your dining room, known as transitional decor. Remember to maintain balance in the design so that the styles blend seamlessly. By mixing a rustic, natural design style with a contemporary one, the crafted contrast in styles can make your dining room come to life.  

6. Use Unique Dining Room Chairs

Traditional dining rooms tend to have a set of the same chairs, but consider using a more eclectic style by choosing unique chairs. Incorporating special pieces like these further adds interest to the space and enhances your luxury modern dining room design. You can use different materials of the same color to unify the choices. Another option is to use different colors but in the same style. If you like a bold look, combine completely different pieces and turn your dining room chairs into a topic of conversation. 

One sleek seating option that has become more popular has been the use of short bar stools at the dining room table. They add an industrial edge to the design and are an eclectic, glamorous way to decorate your dining room.

7. Consider Benches 

If you want to mix up the seating options in your dining room, consider using a bench on one side of the dining room table. Benches can make a space feel cozy and homey, perfectly suitable for a mountain home. This versatile seating option is a great way to create additional seating and storage without deviating from the overall design. Plus, it’s multifunctional!

8. Display Modern Lighting Fixtures 

Lighting fixtures are a focal point in any dining room, so why not choose one that captures your attention from the moment you walk into the room? When picking a chandelier, we recommend going industrial. These simple and sturdy designs can add a unique edge to the space. Also, sculptural wooden fixtures bring another natural element that unifies indoor and outdoor living. 

9. Go Round 

When choosing a shape for your dining room table, focus on something circular, not square. Selecting a round table makes the space feel more intimate and allows for more friendly conversation. Additionally, round tables make it easier for people to move around the room and flow more naturally within the space, which is ideal for hosting large groups of people.

10. Accessorize with Houseplants  

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating plants in your dining room. If you decide to use potted plants, it allows you to get creative with pot designs. Use large pots for a dramatic effect or different materials to add interest to the overall design. Not only does using plants in your mountain home add color and texture to the space, but they also help purify the air and get rid of indoor allergens.

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This post was originally written in October 2020 and refreshed in December 2022.

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